1. Moan, Drone, Drone & Moan. Also shriek and whip.

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  2. I am the fly, I am the fly, I am the fly

  3. RIP Mark Bell/LFO - an incredible producer and long-time favorite that I never got to see live. Heard he was brilliant, and a great guy as well.

  4. Those pads tho…

  5. South Park parodies overproduction - but the bigger question is, which DAW is this supposed to be? Thankfully, Peter ran with it.

    (personally, my first thought was Logic with a more Pro Tools-style GUI - though according to Peter it resembles SONAR, which I’ve never used).


  6. reissuenoalbumwithmydeluxemate

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  7. RIP The Spaceape.

  8. And here’s October. 

  9. MC 900 Ft. Jesus and band perform “Falling Elevators” in 91 or 92. Would love have to seen this incarnation of the group - some real magic to the Welcome To My Dream album. 

  10. Autechre live at Warp25 in Krakow - pretty good quality for a bootleg.