1. Astro:Dynamics continue to impress - been loving this new Sophia Loizou album.

  2. New Shellac album out this week!


  3. Excellent piece from Philip Sherburne on the origins of the Exotica-esque bird call heard on “Pacific State”, among others

  4. Lots going on. Tons.

  5. Everything seems overwhelming and then this is there.

  6. Cover art for Aphex Twin’s new albumĀ Syro, coming out on September 22 on Warp. Yes, that’s an itemization of costs related to the album below the track-list. Cheeky as always!

    More info

  7. #TBT working with Sonic Birth in 2006/7. This patch was called “feedbackistan” - you can hear it processing my guitar on this track.


  8. Loving this solo album from Inga Copeland. Creeps under the skin like a late-night stare out of a high-rise window.

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  9. Dopplereffekt - “Hyperelliptic Surfaces”

    After a rather disappointing Arpanet set a couple years back, I was pleasantly surprised by Dopplereffekt live last Saturday during the Berlin Atonal warm-up weekend. This one was a clear highlight.


  10. Compiled some of my favorite music of the year so far - including Inigo Kennedy, A/T/O/S, VHS Head, Pharoahe Monch, Brian Jonestown Massacre, GusGus, and more.

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