1. Thanks to #gba4ios I can play #DDR for #gbc on my phone. Nothing like #chiptune “Dub I Dub” #8bit #idontneedyolove

  2. lightprocesses:

    Growing tree

    algorithmic nature

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  3. SND in Boiler Room, from 2013. Check that audience - they’re trying so hard to do their cool-kid dances to this one. 


  4. Logistic equations 007.gif



    A logistics equation is used to generate the colour of the lines. There has to be a better way to clamp the values with a precision where one can alter the inflection points. It is also a challenge to get highlights in place. Maybe 3 separate logistics functions for low, mid, highs, should be used.

    Beatufiul GIF

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  5. Dopplereffekt - “Hyperelliptic Surfaces”

    After a rather disappointing Arpanet set a couple years back, I was pleasantly surprised by Dopplereffekt live last Saturday during the Berlin Atonal warm-up weekend. This one was a clear highlight.

  6. Loving what people are doing with Generate.

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  7. KOKOFREAKBEAN does a video for EPROM. Could lose the beat, but the visuals and short-delay sounds are pretty great.


  8. Encryption - new album from my friend Eiliyas. Mind-expanding electronic/space-jazz/no-wave.

    Listen/purchase: Encryption by Eiliyas

  9. Jonathan Zorn performs #Berlin #studio8 #computermusic #wesleyan (at STUDIO8)

  10. peterkirn:


    the magical world of FM

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