1. I’ve been reading John Higgs’ book about The KLF - an engrossing read that delves into conspiracy, chaos, magic, sampling, and the general legacy of these unique hip-hop/arena-house/trance pioneers. This documentary is a pretty essential piece of the puzzle - including interviews, KLF media appearances, and of course, the infamous burning of one million pounds.

  2. Infographic on the origins of songs from¬†Sign “O” The Times, via Flip Flop Flyin

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  4. That point when I get to change every password work and personal tonight.

  5. True artists traffic in metaphors.

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  6. Saw this one tonight. Excellent performances from the leads, some exquisite shots, and a lot of deranged humor. Interesting touch having all roles except for the leads played by actual hotel staff. 

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  7. "I will sing, too. If not, I will have to die"
    — Morrissey, subtle as always.
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  8. RIP Frankie Knuckles. I was 23 and nervous as all hell to meet such a legend and personal hero. He was charming, kind, and uplifting. His productions, mixes, and positive spirit will be deeply missed.


  9. late nights and dub techno. Added a bunch of stuff and then took it out.

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  10. Pixies as LEGO (via)

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