1. MC 900 Ft. Jesus and band perform “Falling Elevators” in 91 or 92. Would love have to seen this incarnation of the group - some real magic to the Welcome To My Dream album. 

  2. Autechre live at Warp25 in Krakow - pretty good quality for a bootleg.

  4. Gerhard Behles, @pkirn and Matt Black on digital music tools for #SMWBerlin (at PLATOON KUNSTHALLE Berlin)

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  5. Vintage magazine asks - “MIDI: key to paradise or devil’s work?” #MIDI #1985 #runforthehills (at Ableton HQ)


  6. "The absolute epitome of awkward-bugger, hyper-technical, eternally-abstracting electronic experiementation – two Rochdale b-boys who moved from maximalist electro/rave through to impossibly complex audio sculptures that equal of anyone from the canon of 20th century academic electronic music for innovation and weirdness."

    FACT Mag on Autechre’s “Flutter” - the aptly picked #1 IDM track on their top 100 list (Aphex Twin at #2, of course - it had to be one of the two of them in the top slot). 

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  7. "MIDI: key to paradise or devil’s work?"
    From a music magazine, circa 1985.

  8. Aphex Twin - “MARCHROMT30A edit 2b 96 [104.98]”

    Japanese bonus track from Syro. Pretty great, much like the rest of the album.


  9. Philip wins the Internet (and the hearts of all IDM dorks) with this in-depth Aphex Twin interview.


  10. Astro:Dynamics continue to impress - been loving this new Sophia Loizou album.