1. Dopplereffekt - “Hyperelliptic Surfaces”

    After a rather disappointing Arpanet set a couple years back, I was pleasantly surprised by Dopplereffekt live last Saturday during the Berlin Atonal warm-up weekend. This one was a clear highlight.

  2. Loving what people are doing with Generate.

    (Source: curated-generations)

  3. KOKOFREAKBEAN does a video for EPROM. Could lose the beat, but the visuals and short-delay sounds are pretty great.


  4. Encryption - new album from my friend Eiliyas. Mind-expanding electronic/space-jazz/no-wave.

    Listen/purchase: Encryption by Eiliyas

  5. Jonathan Zorn performs #Berlin #studio8 #computermusic #wesleyan (at STUDIO8)

  6. peterkirn:


    the magical world of FM

    (Source: 64px)

  7. Guess.


  8. "I think the album is full of ghosts — protective, not threatening — who continue to hover in my consciousness"
    — My father, looking at a photo album from 1960. Great story about how a novelty ashtray from his bar mitzvah ended up as a stranger’s keepsake.
  9. SLEEP return with a new single, “The Clarity”. The word “Hashishin” appears at least once. Hit the metalhead smiley to download.

    \m/ ^_^ \m/

  10. The Residents’ short films - one way to stay awake thinking.