1. #brazil parade in #midtown #manhattan #nyc

  2. #Brazil parade in #midtown #manhattan #nyc

  3. Lots going on. Tons.

  4. Giving the AIR Riser synth a try as an experimental tool, thanks to the suggestion of Peter Kirn. It’s quite a trip. Turn EDM into IDM into bastard sound.

  5. Playing the latest #SND #vinyl reissue + #GenerateApp #generate

  6. Watched the beautiful Tekkonkinkreet again this weekend. Achingly gorgeous soundtrack from Plaid.

  7. Everything seems overwhelming and then this is there.

  8. Cover art for Aphex Twin’s new album Syro, coming out on September 22 on Warp. Yes, that’s an itemization of costs related to the album below the track-list. Cheeky as always!

    More info

  9. nighttime / spectral playtime / play with time.


  10. My next IDM EP:

    1. DEx #10
    2. Torasteromoso
    3. Lasicowe Pan
    4. Egol
    5. Crartpa 1

    H/T Sarah Badr for the link.