1. "I think the album is full of ghosts — protective, not threatening — who continue to hover in my consciousness"
    — My father, looking at a photo album from 1960. Great story about how a novelty ashtray from his bar mitzvah ended up as a stranger’s keepsake.
  2. SLEEP return with a new single, “The Clarity”. The word “Hashishin” appears at least once. Hit the metalhead smiley to download.

    \m/ ^_^ \m/

  3. The Residents’ short films - one way to stay awake thinking.

  4. More glitch - from the wonderful Jon Satrom.

  5. "Pure Data read as pure data". Lovely tone/image at 5:30.


  6. Intriguing longread from my friend Andrew Martin on SoundCloud, independent artists, remixing, and takedowns. 

  7. 3D renders of the world of Futurama from Alexey Zakharov


  8. Using Audacity to apply effects to images - some great glitchy potential here. I remember doing the reverse of this with Photoshop and sounds in college.

  9. Back into Pure Data again following an engaging talk with creator Miller Puckette. FM it is!

  10. Culled from a collection of free LPs left out around the corner #vinyl

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