2. Bowie/Eno/Visconti record “Warszawa” - 100% accurate.

  3. Nic Hamilton’s video for James Hoff’s “Blaster”. Appropriately glitchy, nice color palette. 

    Between James Hoff and the EP and LP from Lee Gamble, it’s a pretty great season for PAN right now.

  4. I am so confused about everything right now. 

  5. 909 day on Ableton.com

    Happy 909 day! I wrote a little roundup of some great 909 Tracks on Ableton.com - featuring the likes of Jeff Mills, Adamski & Seal, Mr. Fingers, and even Phil Collins. Plus, get to making your own 909 masterpiece with Ableton’s excellent Drum Machines pack.

    Also, enjoy a short track made entirely from 909 samples from me and my colleague Niklas ^_^


  6. Excellent piece from Philip Sherburne on the origins of the Exotica-esque bird call heard on “Pacific State”, among others

  7. Rosemarie Trockel at #MoMA

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  8. First track from Aphex Twin’s Syro. Color me impressed - chilled electro with a beautiful melody - think “Halibut Acid” from the Analord series. Better than The Tuss IMO. If the album moves further on this theme, then I’ll be psyched.

  9. If you think you can, well / come on man. #53rdand3rd #nyc #ramones

  10. New #Adidas with the sexy green #mandm laces. My #shoegame is on fire.